Wow! Amazing! Love!…these are a few of the most common words that ClickBump Owners use to describe their feelings for my products.

And since I released ClickBump Engine, SEO! and JumpStart!, to the WordPress world, I’ve being seeing those words often.

I’ve set a very high personal standard for customer support and product satisfaction and seek to overdeliver on expectations.

To exceed expectations to such a level that the words “Wow“, “Amazing” and “Love” are the common thread reaction tells me I’m doing something right.

(These are original, unedited testimonials, I’ve highlighted the words for emphasis)

Wow, I’m really, really impressed with your ClickBump Engine. Finally a script that loads easily

and works fantastic. I appreciate you my friend. Got my hours cut back on my job and this

wonderful engine will help supplement my income.

Thanks again Scott.

To your success,

Rick Davis

Wow. So far, I’m loving the additions. I was really itching for the ability to insert a line of text under the title (I’m the helpless paranoid type). And the Sitemap function!

I can’t believe I was missing out on all of this! This is great, Scott! Thank you. I was really starting to worry about the possibility of one day in the future wanting to expand sites. I want to stick with this theme, as I’m loving it more and more by the day. But I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to expand on sites when I find the true gems without making my header look ridiculous. Allowing for overflow posts in the sidebar = brilliant. – cowboyrob

Wow, this is awesome software. I purchased a few days ago, but I waited for this 3.x release and it looks very impressive. This is going to make my site building go so much faster.

Thanks again for your great work.




WOW! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! You just cracked the record for help from product developers…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to be accessed!

Thanks again!


Scott! I absolutely LOVE your stuff. Did a comparison between Socrates and your themes and you blew it away with speed of getting indexed and rising in ranking. I tested about 6 sites on each platform back before you had a particular area of Adsense placement I wanted to try. I got my Socrates refunded. :) Your sites hit page 1 in 3 days average. Same types of sites with similar competition took over 6 weeks with Socrates.. :)

Susan Snyder

You should get an Internet Marketers Nobel Prize.
Seriously. I think you’ve made a massive contribution. It’s truly a pleasure to correspond with someone out there is who is creating good products AND keeps the personal touch…. A rare and appreciated thing. Thank you.


Hi Scott

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for your help, below. When I sent you the original e-mail I was just about to leave home (Canary Islands) for a visit to my family in the UK and expected to have a reply from you on my return. I have to say that I was flabbergasted to receive a reply within just a few minutes. I implemented your suggestions and within a couple of minutes or so all my problems were sorted out.

I have never before experienced such great support and for that I am extremely grateful.

If you wish to use this e-mail as a testimonial please do so, I will also leave testimonials on your new forum when I get around to checking it out properly (I am sill catching up after my vacation!). as well as in WF.

Once again Scott, thankyou, as I believe you Americans would put it – “you & your products rock!


Hi again Scott,

I just wanted to say that your customer service and ongoing commitment to quality really helps you stand out from the crowd. Rest assured, I will continue to purchase your products. If you’re interested, I would love to JV with you on an Adsense WSO I’m doing in the next month or so, too.

Thanks a bunch,

I hate to admit it but the SEO plugin is doing fantastic!

I hate to admit it because I thought I was pretty good at on page SEO

I have had the SEO plugin for exactly 1 month and I am seeing steady TRAFFIC INCREASES ON MY BEST SITES.

I also use traffic travis to track my keywords and I am getting steady rankings gains on my keywords – hence the increased traffic. I can see the increase start within a few days of rewriting an article.

Some increases are dramatic with posts going from the 3rd page on google to the first page overnight.

Some are slow with single digit gains week after week.

These are not new sites so google is kind to them I do have it on one new site and am not seeing as fast of gains (posts are not jumping to the first page) but they are improving even on the new site.

Its not magic – I am going back thru each post and redoing it using the Clickbump SEO plugin and correcting the on page SEO. I do a few posts a night so it is going to be a long work in progress.

Are you doing affiliate sales yet? I would love to write an article on my success with the plugin for 2 of my blogs and sell the product.

It works great.

– Mark Williamson

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