I’ve just bought your CE v2, and I must say I’m impressed. At first I was sceptical about this whole thing, but now I must say I’m completely satisfied.

Everything, from the download of CE v2 to the installation went smoothly. Well, except for one problem I had. Luckily, that problem was there just to prove how fast support really is. I received a detailed answer with screenshots and useful tips (that I didn’t even ask for) almost immediately after asking for help.

Whole Clickbump Engine v2 is simply amazing. Every function is there for a reason. Everything was made to save me a lot of time. This investment was worth every cent.

It’s so easy to change the theme color (sidebar or header), to add/remove sidebar link unit, to change themes, add photos… And it comes with really good step by step tutorial.

In short, everything is only one click away. This was definitely my best buy and it will fit my Adsense micro niche project perfectly.

I purchased the clickbump engine version 3 about a week ago.

I was really excited to get it thinking that it would allow me to make web sites really quickly.

After I got it I was a bit disappointed due to the fact, that it took me 3 hours to make my first site.

I contacted Scott and told him of my disappointment. He explained to me some key steps I was missing and from then it’s been a breeze. Scott has been really responsive to my questions and I’ve actually made 15 niche sites since getting the software. I even purchased the jumpstart and that is incredible.

Literally, my sites are now done in about 3 minutes, all I have to do is go in and tweak a couple of things. The fact that you can choose multiple templates on the fly is good when you are trying to see what is more pleasing to the eye. Scott has emailed me various CSS codes and has really helped me with any questions that I had. If you are skeptical about this product don’t be! Make sure to buy both the clickbump engine and the jumpstart. They work wonderfully together!

– Tracy McLaughlin

Thanks Scott, I must say I am impressed with the way my CTR has improved since ditching the superadsense theme and using your and John’s xfactor theme, the CTR has doubled. Thanks for releasing such a user friendly theme that converts brilliantly.

Best wishes


Scott – this is awesome! I love it. I’ve found NO problems with your “AdSense” themes, except maybe XFactor – although even that works when you change the colors a bit.

Keep it up, love the themes. 2011 has some CB upgrades for me in store. :)
– JamesTheJust

Hi Scott, I’m loving the css structure you have created! Your sites remind me of simple html fast loading mofo’s


Thanks for all you do. I’m extremely happy with all your products.

Take care and Merry Christmas.

Rick Davis


I recently purchased your product and so far I love it!


Derek Smith

> Morris, did you mean to hit unsubscribe?
No, definitely not. How do I get back on your list.

As a matter of fact, lately I have been trying to tell myself if I was smart I would probably unsubscribe from everyone except you.

Many Thanks,

Scott, I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of contacting you directly before, so I’ll go ahead and thank/congratulate you on a great product. I LOVE you ClickBump engine; it sure makes WordPress a lot less of a headache for me.
– Stephen

First of all: I am thinking why I did not stumble across your ClickBump WP Adsense Site Engine before.
I think I wasted lot of time and money buying and using other ”not-so-useful” adsense site building systems.

– Rajul Kaushik

Hi, I’m happy with your clickbump product — very happy, actually. Personally, I think that you should charge more, considering it’s TWELVE awesome themes, customizable…and that Socrates for WP (Joel Comm’s I think) and Thematic cost a bit more for ONE theme.

Going to spread the love when I begin blogging about my online marketing progress, haven’t yet began that. I did find you at Mike Iser — a fellow commenter mentioned you a few times.

Thanks again for an AMAZING product!

–James M Hussey

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